Life Cycle Analysis


What is a life cycle assessment?

An LCA is a systems-based, quantitative method for evaluating the environmental impact of a product.

It is a leading tool used to assess the environmental impact of a product’s entire life, from raw materials extraction through materials processing, manufacturing, distribution, to disposal.

This study conforms to ISO 14040-14044 standards for LCA studies with comparative assertions intended to be disclosed to the public. Results and conclusions were therefore subject to a formal peer review process.

• Allows us to focus on the most significant environmental impacts as we develop and evaluate sustainability programs and policies.
• Informs product decisions on the potential environmental impacts from raw materials sourcing, operations and transportation.
• Supports engagement with end-users to reduce the impact of the product through its life and disposal. Find out more about the LCA process by viewing this short video.

The full footprint

The paper you are using has an impact on the environment. It isn’t limited to carbon emissions, there’s also the matter of resources, biodiversity, water conservation and other ecological considerations. The following impacts were considered in this study:

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